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Website Designers JOY offer a cost competitive creative solution for websites. We design and built websites that are:

• Search Engine Optimised - Easy to find in Search Optimised.
• Fast to Download - with optimised file sizes and clean coding.
• Easy to Use - Simple Navigation, clear pages.
• Promoting Objectives - websites that say what they do and then do what they say.

Our websites work because they get the content right. Looks alone do not make a good website. We have made many sites that earn clients money, by making simple, clear, fast websites that work.

We can also help you with:

• Domain Names - Selecting and buying the right domain name for your website
• Website Hosting - Once you have a website you need to buy space to 'host' the site
• Email - Organise an email address, or a hundred!
• Website Maintenance - Maintain and develop your website

Website Design Process:
1. Meet, email or telephone to discuss look, feel and colors of the design.

2. Client supplies us with (if any) ideas, colours, text, taglines, other liked designs.
3. Once or more designs are created and emailed or posted to the client.
4. Changes or improvements are made if needed.
5. Domain Name and web hosting advice given and bought for client using bulk buying reduced rates.
6. The Build Process starts with the site going online in our secure area for client to see it as it develops.
7. When the website is built and completed to client approval the site is uploaded onto the internet and
....entered into the major free search engines (and many more besides)
8. Over the next few weeks and months the site will appear in more and more search engines.
9. The client is encouraged to get appropriate-to-the-business links to the site, encourage to add more
....content and work on growing and developing the website.

What the Client needs to provide:
1. Content
.. .- text for all products and services including descriptions, technical information, prices, delivery charges,
.. .. variants (colours etc..)
.. .- contact details
.. .- about the company details
.. .- terms & conditions details if necessary
.. .- delivery details if necessary

2. Images
.. .- Company Logos
.. .- Quality Product shots

3. Keywords
.. .- A list of words and phrases that people use to refer to and find those products and services, including
.. .. unofficial phrases.

Types of websites :
Simple & Clean (SC)
Business Style (BS)
Entertainment (E)

More samples:

1. (SC) Simple & Clean

Web - SC1 Web - SC2

Web - SC3 Web - SC4

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2. (BS) Business Style

Web - BS1 Web - BS2

Web - BS3 Web - BS4

Web - BS5 Web - BS6

Web - BS7 Web - BS8

Web - BS9 Web - BS10

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3. (E) Entertainment

Web - E1 Web - E2

Web - E3  

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